Cherokee Nation Boat Registration

Cherokee Nation citizens who live within Cherokee Nation’s 14-county jurisdiction may register their boat, outboard motor or personal watercraft through Cherokee Nation.


It’s quick and easy. Visit a Cherokee Nation Tag Office or go to the Boat and Motor Registration page of the Cherokee Nation Tax Commission section of

Please note: canoes and paddleboats are exempt from registration throughout Cherokee Nation and Oklahoma.


Registration Requirements

MSO – must be signed by dealership. Must be notarized unless boat/outboard motor was purchased from a non-notary state.


TITLE – must be signed by seller. Must be notarized unless boat/outboard motor was purchased from a non-notary state.


REGISTRATION – may be used only if the state the boat/outboard motor comes from is not a title-issuing state.


BM-10 – A BM-10 Verification of H.I.N. or serial number is required on ownership transfer of a new or used boat/outboard motor, regardless of assignment date and regardless of whether purchased in state or out of state.


BILL OF SALE – A bill of sale is required with a new boat/outboard motor that has an MSO. An Affidavit of Purchase Price may be complete on all others.


DRIVER’S LICENSE – A valid Oklahoma driver's license is necessary to register a vehicle through Cherokee Nation.


CHEROKEE CITIZENSHIP – Proof of your Cherokee Nation citizenship is required.


PROOF OF RESIDENCE – A current utility bill (water, gas, or electric) dated within the last 30 days will suffice. A current physical address on a driver’s license will be accepted as well.


LIEN INFORMATION – If lien information has already been perfected on MSO or title this information must be stamped on the face of the title. In the case that the lien has not been perfected, the lien information must be documented on the back of the title and in a Cherokee Nation Lien Entry Form. It must be typed and signed by the lending institution and presented along with the title or MSO. A lien release, if any, must be attached.


APPLICATION – Application for Cherokee Nation Certificate of Title for Boat - Outboard Motor is required to be complete, signed and notarized with mail-in titles only.


Live outside of Cherokee Nation?


Cherokee Nation citizens who live outside the 14-county jurisdiction must register their watercraft through their state of residence.