Department of Natural Resources

The Cherokee Nation Department of Natural Resources works to manage the land base and natural resources in a manner that respects tribal, community, environmental and cultural/traditional values, while providing the need for assistance to assure the survival and growth of those natural resources.

The Department of Natural Resources administrative office is located at the W.W. Keeler Complex in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Field offices are located at Bull Hollow (Kenwood Project) in Delaware County and Dahlonegah (Candy Mink Springs Project) in Adair County. 

Program staff administers both trust programs and tribal projects in the fields of agriculture, ethnobiology, forestry, fish and wildlife, geographic information systems, wildfire and community service on Cherokee tribal lands consisting of 60,000 acres.

For more information, visit the Natural Resources page on website.

“It is fundamental to keep our relationship to the land strong and preserve our history and heritage. Cherokees were the first Native American agriculturalists, so for us to lose that would be a travesty.”

Pat Gwin
Cherokee Nation
Senior Director of Environmental Resources