Fishing Education

As an integral part of Cherokee culture, the Cherokee Nation Fish and Wildlife Association believes all people should have the opportunity to learn to fish.


If you would like to take along an expert on your next fishing adventure at Grand Lake, it is easy to do so. A number of fishing guide services are eager and willing to help you year ‘round. 


Some types of fishing are meant for the adventurous among us. After you attend a public course on fishing, you might decide that spearfishing and noodling are what you really want to try.


While finding freediving instructors for spearfishing and noodling lessons isn’t easy, the instructors at Oklahoma’s public classes can usually recommend the right person for you.


If you are interested in a specifically Cherokee fishing experience, there are Cherokee National Treasures in various arts surrounding fishing, including fishing gigs. A visit to the Cherokee Heritage Center can start you on your journey to this and many other traditional Cherokee practices.