Fishing Tournaments

You tell fish stories like the rest of your family—except that yours are about the ones you catch.


Jigs, spinners, minnows or stink, whatever gets the job done, you’ve made it work.


When it comes time to weigh-in, you can battle with the best of the anglers. Or at the very least, you think you have a shot at taking on an assortment of the most competitive fishing competitions in the U.S. today.


To you, waking up after 5:30 a.m. is a waste of good fishing time. By then, you’re already out on the water, casting a line. You’ve guided your boat to the perfect spot, or you’ve waded out into waist-deep water to have a chance at the perfect river catch.


It’s an art, and you’ve perfected it.


Most of Oklahoma’s fishing tournaments are open to all participants.


At some, you’ll see boats equipped to the nines. Others are kayak fishing tournaments, which have exploded in popularity lately.


If you’re feeling truly adventurous, you can try your hand at Okie noodling—catching catfish with your bare hands.


However you like to fish, when you’re in Cherokee Nation in the summer, there’s probably a fishing tournament that weekend.