Cherokee Nation Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Cherokee Nation provides hunting & fishing licenses for its citizens at no charge, as hunting and fishing rights are inherent in treaties signed between Cherokee Nation and the United States of America.


Every Cherokee Nation citizen and Oklahoma resident, age 16 and older, that does not have a lifetime Oklahoma hunting & fishing license will receive a free hunting and fishing license annually, as well as an antlered deer gun season tag and a spring turkey tag. 


Thanks to a compact between the state of Oklahoma and Cherokee Nation, these hunting & fishing licenses may be used throughout Oklahoma, in the same way as other licenses issued by the state.


Every license issued helps fund Oklahoma’s fish and wildlife program, allowing the state to obtain federal grants that go to preserve the state’s wildlife and natural habitats. The agreement unlocks as much as $4 million in federal money for the state’s wildlife department.


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“No Cherokee will ever be fearful of arrest or prosecution for exercising their inherent rights to hunt and fish.”


Bill John Baker
Principal Chief

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