Hunting Regulations

You can find all of Oklahoma’s hunting rules and regulations in the  Oklahoma Hunting Regulation Guide, provided by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (PDF viewer required).


A few important rules to keep in mind:

• All hunters (including lifetime license holders) who harvest a turkey must immediately attach their name and license number securely to the carcass.

• The same applies to hunters who harvest a deer. Hunters also must include the date and time on the deer carcass.

• Hunters must obtain permission to enter any posted or occupied land or land primarily devoted to farming, ranching or forestry purposes. Consent is not valid for more than one year, unless the owner, lessee or occupant specifically grants consent for a specified period of time.

• Deer and turkeys must be checked within 24 hours of leaving the hunt area, and in all cases before processing the carcass.

• Deer and turkey can be checked conveniently online through the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.


• All hunters participating in any antelope, bear, deer or elk season using a firearm (muzzleloader or gun) must wear both a head covering and an outer garment above the waistline, both totaling at least 400 square inches of hunter orange that are clearly visible while in the field.

• Camouflage hunter orange is legal as long as there are at least 400 square inches of hunter orange.