Oklahoma Game Descriptions

A Cherokee Nation hunting and fishing license grants access to Oklahoma’s amazing selection of game animals.


A few of these – antelope, elk, deer, waterfowl, pheasant, quail, turkeys, wild boars and bears – all have a scheduled hunting season. 



More than 200,000 hunters participate in Oklahoma’s deer gun season. The reason is simple: the woods have a huge population of deer, and the chances are great you’ll find a trophy. The state has enjoyed a long tradition of forward-thinking big game biologists who have ensured all hunters may enjoy this great sport for many decades to come. 


Cherokees once relied on deer as an essential source of trade, food and clothing. Cherokee Nation honors and celebrates that tradition today, as a deer tag is included with every Cherokee Nation hunting and fishing license. 




Cherokee Nation is home to two distinct subspecies of turkeys, as well as hybrids of those subspecies: the Rio Grande and Eastern turkeys. These wild turkeys can grow to weigh more than 20 pounds. In most areas of Oklahoma, it is permissible to hunt only male turkeys, known as toms. 


Eastern turkey populations have improved thanks to intensive wildlife conservation efforts and a new understanding of the subspecies. Once it was thought that the Eastern subspecies had evolved to become a creature of undisturbed forests – a theory that has been disproved. Openings in the forest canopy now are seen as critically important for brooding areas. 


For information on all of Oklahoma’s game creatures, visit the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.